10 November 2010

Introducing your Medical Library/Librarian!

I'm going to ease myself into this blog and ease others into it as well, so I thought I'd start out with a simple "What's a Medical Library?"

Answer: So many things!  First and foremost the Medical Library should be a starting point for any health care professional who wants to access health information of any sort, standards, best practice guidelines, resource and tools training, point of care patient tools, knowledge management resources and more.

A Medical Library (as most libraries) is a constantly and quickly changing area; your Librarian an information professional extraordinaire!  Pretty much anything to do with information and health or information and health care management can be sourced via the Library or the Librarian.

Though print collections of books and journals still play a role in the modern medical Library that is only the very tip of the iceberg.  Libraries and Librarians are steeply involved in cutting edge technologies, information portals etc.  with the plethora of everyday information resources being used in a hospital largely taken care of by the Library team/department.

My own personal thoughts towards the future of Librarianship and Medical Libraries is a larger role of the information professional and their expertise, placing less importance to the physical space (a possible flip from the traditional aspects of the field).  If you have any sort of question, any sort of "I wonder...", be it for patient care, continued education, training, help with new health info technologies, etc. then go see your Medical Librarian!

As I wrote in my last post, I'm going to attempt to use this blog to reach out to my patrons, offering information and tools to help them in their everyday, trying to steer away from things too 'Librarian' centric (though sometimes they may sneak in!)

In the spirit of defining things:  

  • If you've ever wondered "What the heck does that mean?" about a new fangled heath care phrase try Leman's Lexicon Tool 
  • If you're looking for a Plain Language Medical Dictionary try this one developed by the University of Michigan Health Sciences Library

If you need more tools feel free to post your query or take a trip to see your medical Librarian!


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