19 November 2010

Keeping your patients informed

Yesterday I had a staff member from another hospital come in and ask for patient information sites for an assignment they were doing.  The unfortunate would-be-patron was declined as she wasn't a staff member and I'm not a homework jockey; however it made me think:  This could be useful info for you guys!

There are lots of hospitals that now offer a Consumer of Patient Health information service so check with your Medical Librarian to see if this is an option for your patients to get more information.  In the meantime...

There are lots of Library databases and products that offer patient information tools such as:

  • UptoDate's Patient information (free to use even without a subscription)
  • As well as patient information tabs through other  products such as Lexi-Comp and/or Nursing Reference Centre (depending on the Library's subscriptions)
  • These products sometimes are even offered in various languages

Then there's the wonderful MedlinePlus  from the National Library of Medicine which not only includes a huge amount of information for your patient but also includes excellent videos, drug information, a medical dictionary and interactive tutorials.

Here's some more to check out:

Medical Library Associations Deciphering MedSpeak Brochures for order

These just scratch the surface but can keep you busy checking out all their various functionality.  If you want more information contact your Medical Librarian or if you have a Consumer Health Centre on site go take a visit to see what they offer!

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