10 December 2010

Article Overload? PubMed's Clinical Queries narrows the field!

Ever done a search in PubMed that returned way too many articles and your attempts to whittle it down seemed time consuming and frustrating?  If you're looking to find articles relating to the diagnosis, prognosis, therapy or etiology of a specific clinical matter then try PubMed's Clinical Queries! You can find it in the middle column of the PubMed homepage or by clicking here.

Clinical Queries Interface

 In the search bar that appears on the top of the screen type in your particular query  then simply select your category (Therapy, Diagnosis etc.) and choose Broad or Narrow which simply broadens the predefined search strategy or narrows it.  Easy right?

So let's see the difference between a regular PubMed Search and PubMed's Clinical Queries:

Search topic: Hepatic Angiosarcoma

PubMed general search term: Hepatic Angiosarcoma+Diagnosis
Articles returned: 344

Clinical Queries search term: Hepatic Angiosarcoma
Search set to Diagnosis+Broad, Articles returned: 196
Search set to Diagnosis+Narrow, articles returned: 9

Voila!  You've got manageable results for you clinical question.  Of course not all questions can be researched or answered this easily so make sure to talk to your Librarian if you need increased depth and comprehensiveness for your topic or simply more information and searching expertise. 

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