15 March 2011

Cash in on Your Education: Tuition Assistance Programs

Recently I stepped out of the Librarian role to work on a Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) for one of my work places.  Though these sorts of perks/programs are often mentioned in work orientations, the information can be easily forgotten when busy lives take over.  So here's a reminder:  Talk to your Organizational Development/HR department about any Tuition Assistance Programs they provide. 
One of the most common barriers for staff when going back or thinking of going back to school is the financial burden; but, in an area such as healthcare , keeping skills and knowledge up to date is essential! So what's a typical TAP?

The Usual TAP Process
  • You sign up for a course and pay the tuition up front (though most people prefer having reimbursement up front the reality of most programs is that the money comes after)
  • Apply and submit to the Corporate TAP program for reimbursement
  • Once final grades/evidence of pass/fail are in the TAP program reimburses you the fee (usually with an annual maximum).
Of course every TAP is different so make sure to look into what your organization offers.  Sometimes there are also clauses requiring continued employment for a given amount of time post-course or requiring an application for funding via professional organizations first.  Nevertheless, if you're currently taking or thinking of taking any courses to upgrade your skills it is definitely worth looking into! 

And if it's nerves holding you back:  talk to your Organizational Development/Learning Department about any courses they might offer to get you back in the groove.  As always, talk to your library staff about how they too can help you with your skills/education needs to keep you up to date and excelling in your role!

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