16 May 2011

From HIRU with Love: McMaster's HIRU offers Nursing+

It's been too long since my last post, so hopefully this handy little tool makes up for the tardiness!

McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario Canada is well known for its nursing program, but in the health information world it's a star in its own right for the HIRU (Health Information Research Unit).  The HIRU is a leader in evidence-based informatics with a whole range of tools and resources that could (and likely will) offer me hours of posting fodder.  In honour of last week's Nursing Week (I did mention my posting had been tardy) this post will highlight one tool they offer in particular to the Nursing world: Nursing+

This site is a searchable database of high-ranking clinical journals offering tailored email alerts to new articles within your interests.  It doesn't stop there though: Nursing+ also offers these articles pre-rated by HIRU staff and rated again by an international panel of 3 practicing nurses.  It's a great service for cutting through the huge amounts of available information whilst ensuring there's an easy and understandable way to decipher which of that information is best!

It simply takes a quick registration, and being a HIRU service you know you're going to get quality!

Check out their site for more information and sign up to start searching.

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