24 June 2011

Help make a real difference to health research: Ontario Health Study

I've often seen posters for this on the subway and I've meant to check into it for months now but it has constantly been pushed aside for other things.  Then I saw this video and thought, "This is my business; this is what I am shouting over a loudspeaker everyday, Medicine based in research and quality information!"  How can I push this aside any longer and hold my head up as a Medical Librarian :).

So I want to take this opportunity to mend my ways and promote participation in my readers. I am fully aware of how easy it is to say "I'll do that later" but let's face it: will it ever actually be done?  So please try and take the time now to watch this video (below) , read about the study and then take the survey!

*Note that these are YouTube videos and may be blocked at your place of work but make sure to check them out at home!*

You never know who this could help, it may be one of your family members, it may even be you.

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