18 July 2011

IntheNews: Patient Outcomes Directly Related to Keeping Updated in the Field, Partnering with Your Librarian's Expertise

As a Medical Librarian I am constantly trying to hit home the link between quality care and better patient outcomes to quality information and keeping up-to-date: it's the raison d'etre of any one in my field. While on my commute in this morning I saw an article in the paper that hit on precisely this point (see below for links) but ended the article with a call for re-certification of Doctor's throughout their careers.  Re-certification, however, isn't the only answer and shouldn't be:  there needs to be a complete cultural shift towards continued everyday updates, a culture of inquiry, education and continued information sourcing by clinical staff.

It may very well be that the new crop of Doctors have this view already well-ingrained as the article suggests, only time will tell, but with continued pressure on clinical staff's time and the ever-increasing amounts of  information being churned out the role of the Library and Library staff is more important than ever.  Talk to your Librarian about what resources you have at your fingertips, from any desktop and sometimes even your mobile devices.  While your there ask about how to set up RSS feeds or how they can help connect you to the right information at the right time.

Check out the article in one of Toronto's daily papers 24Hrs published on July 18th 2011, pg 16 titled "Newer Docs, Better Care?"  or the original article it highlights titled "Longer Lengths of Stay and Higher Risk of Mortality among Inpatients of Physicians with More Years in Practice" in the American Journal of Medicine or check out the PubMed citation

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