26 September 2011

To Addis and Back: The TAAAC Library Science Program Partnership

Alright! So it's been extremely busy  the past few weeks, and I have a list of post topics slowly piling up but I'm going to try and squeeze this one in before I disappear for another few weeks.

I am involved with a group called TAAAC (Toronto Addis Ababa Academic Collaboration), a partnership between the University of Toronto and Addis Ababa University to "build and strengthen capacity and sustainability in medical -specialties and other health and non-health professional programs" (TAAAC website).  Our Library Science Program team includes 3 Toronto-Based Medical Librarians and one Florida-based Librarian, who will be the lead for the World Health Organization's HINARI program training (WHO's HINARI). We will travel to Addis Ababa Ethiopia for the first half of October to offer training sessions in Evidence Based Practice, Medical Librarianship, Web Design , Ptolemy and HINARI training.  It is such a wonderful partnership that really offers all involved a two-way learning experience and encourages a collective expertise.  I can honestly say I have enhanced my own skills in these areas since preparing for this inaugural two-week session and therefore value the partnership all the more.

For more information on the Medical Library project, check out our site found under the Programs tab of the main TAAAC website (where you can also get more information on the other programs/teams involved as well!

If you want to help via a fiscal donation you can do so via the 'Donate' button on the top right of the page.

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