21 October 2011

Can't break the Googling? Try iMedisearch instead!

Oh you've heard it before, many, many times:  Google is not for patient care (or at least every Medical Librarian out there hopes you've heard it and you've listened).  Enter the reality: You're comfortable using it, it's fast and easy. I too love Google but I sure wouldn't want anyone I knew being treated by it: I know how the algorithms work and that it's not tailored to quality health information.

A few weeks ago I was introduced to a Custom Google Search created by Hong Kao, BScPhm, BCPS of Trillium Healthcare in Mississauga Ontario called iMedisearch.  This tools allows the user to search by their professions (Physician, Nurse, Allied Health or even simply as a member of the General Public) and only searches quality health information websites vetted by Mr. Kao himself.  When I heard of this I was ecstatic: Here's a free tool, based off the ever-popular Google search technology, HON certified (Health information on the Net) that searches over 40,000 reliable health related websites and all because of one man's dedication and hard work!  I was excited to use it as an example of  free quality information on the web on the TAAAC training in Ethiopia (which by the way is an amazing country with even more amazing people!) and have been waiting to get back home to promote it here.

Now I'm just holding out for an app and a widget so I can embed them into our hospital site and promote it on handhelds and tablets!  Perhaps I'm putting too much pressure on a man who does this on the side of being a full-time Pharmacist, but isn't it all about what I want and need :)?  Of course not...in true Librarian fashion, it's all about what you guys want and need so I hope this helps!

Check it out at: www.imedisearch.com

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