16 November 2011

Canadian Healthcare Network: A great resource for Everyone in Healthcare (and apparently free!)

In my Library there's lots to do and not enough time, something I'm sure 99% of those working in healthcare can relate to (yes Librarians have LOTS to do! :) )  It happens as a result that my mail call is low on my list of priorities despite the fact that I still receive a select few print journal subscriptions.  Of course these subscriptions seem to arrive in droves: my mailbox on some days collects bills (days I could do without) and on other days seems to have raided every publishing house in North America.  With my subscriptions I seem to also receive some orphaned journals but since our print collection is slim enough I take them and put them out as random mishmash on the coffee table in the Library. 

That is until last week's OHA (Ontario Hospitals Association) conference where a few of our HR people queried if we had the publication, Canadian Healthcare Manager.  Not being in my Library at the time but recalling it's frequent presence in my mailbox I said 'Oh yes!, it's one of our print journals' which was met with approval and interest.  Then shame on me, I came back to my Library only to find no record of it in my holdings...I was preparing myself for the walk of Librarian shame over to HR to explain I don't have it AND I don't seem to know my own Library.

Thankfully a colleague of mine, Lorraine Rohm in HR, had slipped me a page of the most recent issue with an advert for the Canadian Healthcare Network: she wanted to know what it was about, so I checked into it before I made the trek over.  To my pleasant surprise I saw: Canadian Healthcare Network: "The online home of The Medical Post, Pharmacy Practice, Drugstore Canada and Canadian Healthcare Manager", Sounds promising right? Well it was! This site has a wealth of information, articles, blogs etc. for Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacists and Healthcare Managers and as a bonus you receive a print copy of the publication of your field. Mystery solved and no need to make the shame-ridden trek to HR! I was suddenly justified in my conference confidence that I had been receiving a copy only now I know it has been one of those orphaned few. Though I now will receive my own legitimate copy I still prefer to think of these rogue publications as orphaned versus stolen (which they very well may be)  but of course what goes in my mailbox stays in my mailbox right? Until I get around to it at least :)

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