16 December 2011

Holiday Hooplah: Giving the eGift (or iGift) of healthcare apps

It seems Christmas has crept up on me again this year, and just freshly back from vacation in Australia most people assume I'm not quite in the Christmas mode because we were spending sunny days at the beach instead of putting on Parkas.  They would be wrong.  We did however enjoy some strange Australian summer rainstorms, non-stop. Nevertheless, our first stop back in Canada included the sight of snow on the mountains and Christmas music blaring.  That's the kind of Christmas Canadians are used to and yet, like many, to undertake any Christmas shopping .

2011 marks for me a noticeably new type of Christmas season than times past with the explosion of more-affordable technology like smart phones and a whole host of tablets (though perhaps I've just been sleeping through the last few seasons?).   Some may even think it prudent to purchase apps for a sort of e-stocking stuffer or gift.  For those working in Healthcare Apple has made it just that much easier for you with its "Apps for Healthcare Professionals" with 49 apps for the iPhone and 52 for the iPad. These include applications classified as: reference, point of care, educational, imaging, EMR & patient monitoring, and personal care (more like Consumer Health)  Now that's practical, forward thinking and maybe even something your Healthcare-working recipient didn't even know about!

Want to browse the apps?  Click below:

iPhone: itunes.com/healthcareprofessionalsiphoneapps
iPad: itunes.com/healthcareprofessionalsipadapps

Oh yes, and Happy Holidays to all whatever that holiday may be, even it's just a weekend off :)

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