24 January 2012

Out From Under the Pileup: Health Advice Made Easy!

It's been a busy 2012 so far and I'm late on my posting!  With the post-holiday pileup of work I figure this video would be a nice 'sit back and relax' item for those of you also under paperwork-siege.

With all this health advice constantly bombarding you in the news it can be overwhelming to say the least: I know because It's my job to deal with this raging river of information and I find it difficult to keep up so you're not alone!  Sometimes it's nice to have a more simplified tested view on health and that's exactly the beauty of this video.  Its author, Dr. Mike Evans,  practices at St. Micheal's Hospital here in Toronto and is an Associate Professor  of Family Medicine and Public Health at the University of Toronto and he does a great job of hitting home his message in the video, 23 and 1/2 hours

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