05 March 2012

Taking Care: Putting Yourself First

I'm sure we've all heard in one form or another the old adage Take care of yourself before you take care of others yet all too often this doesn't happen.  For a long time we've been able to blame our culture of work: Work hard, play hard (though working hard leaves little room for playing hard).  Although we can still point fingers, more and more resources are being created to help get to the root of the issue, or provide tools to ensure we try and take care of ourselves.

 For clinical staff this modus operandi is particularly important given their role of taking care of the masses; but are they really taking care of themselves?  Long hours, stressful situations, and intense responsibility over arguably the most valuable aspects of people's being brew the perfect storm.  When, and how, can they turn the clinical eye around at themselves? 

A new free resource from leading Canadian Physicians and eLearning experts is perfectly poised to help fill in this gap: ePhysicianHealth. Topics include: disruptive behavior (medical students & physicians), depression, substance abuse, burnout, resilience, nutrition and fitness. This resource is filled with videos, interactive features and links to provincial Physician health programs making it easy to navigate & enjoyable to browse!

So for all those devoting their lives to the health of others there's now an excellent resource devoted to their own to help ensure they're taking care of themselves so they can better take care of us!

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