11 November 2013

Information is Beautiful & More Usable!

I've been much more attentive to Twitter lately than my blog, but in a conversation about supplements the other day stemming from a WebMD tweet I pulled out the Snake Oil Supplements infographic created by the site Information is Beautiful and that I've posted here before. 

Image from: http://www.informationisbeautiful.net/2010/visualizing-bloodtests/
While on their site I came across this beauty: Visualizing Bloodtests.  This spoke to me on many levels, not only because I LOVE infographics, but mainly because I've been busy at work with things like patient education, health literacy and making complex health information palatable to non-professionals.  A medical Librarian can be great in these conversations because we have one foot in both camps.  Most of us are not formally trained in a health profession (like physicians or nurses) so for example:  I can look at a regular blood test result printout and not really (or at least fully) understand it.  On the other hand, we do work with the terminology and to some extent the everyday use of these things and so I likely have a bit more understanding than someone who's only foray into the healthcare system is when they are sick.  I'm a firm believer in making often highly complex health info and data palatable to the regular reader and this particular way of displaying data has done just that!  Check it out on their website

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